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Uplifting Christian Gifts For Better Living
JesusRx Daily Doses Gift Products

Are you looking for a unique Christian gift that is uplifting to help guide you through a difficult time, or even simply to help you find peace in all areas of your life?

JesusRx is the creator of "Daily Doses" - a premium Christian gift product to help you improve all of life's issues through God's Word.  JesusRx was created by a Christian pharmacist who wanted to offer more than worldly physical medicine to patients, and it has grown into so much more.

Choosing JesusRx's Daily Doses is Simple! 

Step 1 - choose the Daily Dose that you feel will be most helpful to your situation. 
Daily Doses are packaged in attractive high quality glass medicine bottles containing a month's supply (30 different scriptures) of individual pill shaped doses of God's Word targeted to address each specific issue you've chosen. Each bottle also has a "Note From The Pharmacist" insert with the salvation message of how to get to know your Great Physician.

Step 2 - simply choose a new Daily Dose from the jar each day when you wake up. 
Carry them in your pocket and read them throughout the day and right before you go to bed at night.  Take time to soak in God's word, and really take it to heart. 
You'll find that as you continue to do this each day, with new inspirational messages from God, you'll begin to heal, find peace, increase Joy, and become stronger in your relationship with God.

Step 3 - share with others as the perfect gift.
These are ideal for gifts and personal use. Unlike the typical worldly medicine for the physical body, JesusRx Daily Doses has no negative side effects. However, be warned, since your life will be changed, this product will become invaluable for the rest of your life.